How to Make a Bookmark ?

Every book reader has an inseparable bond with bookmarks. They are more than practical accessories and are good companions that enhance the reading experience. When a reader takes a break from his/her books, bookmarks not only hold on to the pages but also lay silently awaiting to take back the reader through a journey of literary fantasy. In fact, a collection of bookmarks is a testament to the numerous worlds and experiences that a reader has explored.

This beautiful DIY bookmark by @_.keep.on.creating._ has a vintage vibe that symbolises the beauty and thrill of getting lost in the world of books. It is made with the Gouache paper pad from Menorah. This 240 GSM thick paper with a fine- toothed structure gives a smooth surface for all your paintings. It works really well with Gouache, Acrylics, Fine Liners, Opaque Pens, Colour pencil drawing, Pen art, Charcoal, Graphite, Soft pastel and Oil pastels.

You can make your own book mark by following these simple steps:

Materials require

Menorah Gouache pad

Gouache paint

Flat brush

Round brush




Fall leaf


Draw an outline of the leaf on the gouache paper in the size that you desire



Mix orange and brown gouache together and use it to paint the base of the leaf

Once it dries, highlight parts of the leaf with this paint mixture for a realistic effect



Add more brown colour to the mixture and draw the veins in the leaf with a round brush

Cut along the outline with a scissor



Make an outline of the butterfly on the gouache painting paper


For an aesthetic effect that matches the leaf, this butterfly is painted with orange and red shades. You can use any colour combinations that you like for different bookmark ideas

Paint red on the upper part of the butterfly and orange on the lower part. Blend them to get an even gradient.


Use black and white gouache paint to draw the outline and the patterns on the gouache paper butterfly



Cut along its outline with a scissor

Final touch


Fold the butterfly’s wings upwards for a 3D effect on the bookmark painting and paste it on the leaf

All done! You can follow similar bookmark painting ideas and make many more



Handmade bookmarks are easy to make but hold a lot of emotions, memories and an essence of your creative spirit. With a unique charm, they make priceless gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

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