Basic Things To Know When You Choose The Canvas For Your Canvas Paintings

Menorah Canvas Board Painting


                                Canvases were a popular medium among great artists like Da Vinci, Van Gogh and Monet. “The Starry Night”, “The Tempest”, “The water Lilies “and many more magnificent paintings have been created using a canvas.  So, why did the great masters prefer a canvas? The canvas serves as an excellent medium for art.  It is more resistant to becoming damp and it does not deteriorate easily. It allows more formats in painting like shadows and background. It is also light weight and portable. The best thing about a canvas is that the art that you have created can be framed, sold or gifted to someone.

                                Art is invaluable. All these great paintings have been preserved for hundreds of years and are worth billions. It is not just paintings by famous artists that are considered priceless. The value of art depends on the eyes of the beholder. There are several modern paintings that have been sold for millions of dollars. For instance, Mark Rothko’s “Orange, red and yellow” has been sold for 86 million dollars because it unlocks the emotional powers of color. The more the art connects and speaks with people, the more it is appreciated.

Menorah Canvas Board Drawing

                                   If you wish to paint on a more enhanced surface for a professional look, then opt for canvas board painting.  Here are the things you need to know before painting on a canvas:

 Choose your subject

                                  A good artist is a dreamer. Spark your imagination and let it run wild.  When your art connects with you on a personal and emotional level, it will create an impact on the admirers. You also don’t have to recreate nature as it is.  Your art is what you see through your eyes, color it with your own perceptions. You can choose to tell your own story through your art, employ revolutionary techniques and become one among the avantgardes.

Menorah Canvas Board

Pick your size


Canvas Board Size

                                Canvas comes in different sizes. Choose the one that suits your medium and the idea that you have in mind. Menorah’s canvas panel come in eleven different sizes. They range from (3x3 inch) to (12x16inch). If you are comfortable making small portrait or landscape images you can pick a small canvas board. You can pick a bigger, rectangular one if you need more space to achieve what you have in your mind.


                             Priming is a very essential process that you need to do before starting to paint. You have to prime your canvas with a minimum of 2 layers of gesso, failing to do which, the painting will start to bleed through.
Canvas Painting


                                        The good news is, you need not prime your canvas by yourself as Menorah’s canvas panels come triple primed with acid free titanium gesso. It saves you a lot of time and you only have to remove the wrapper to start painting. The cotton surface used is also of high-quality that stretches very easily and also preserves your painting for a long time.

Creating a background 

Menorah Canvas art

                                   Before sketching your image or applying any other paint on the canvas, it is important to create your background and set the mood for your work. Choose a color that suits the theme of your painting. For instance, blue colors can be used for painting the sea, yellow for the morning sky and so on.

Canvas Board

                          You can add as many layers as you want in your canvas board painting and Menorah’s canvas panel can absorb it very easily. You can also add a lite layer of white paint in between to add more perspective to your image. Usually, flat or fan brushes are used for painting on a canvas board. You can also use a round brush to add more details to your painting.


                                 This is an optional technique you can use to highlight your work. Before completing your painting, create an outline using a contrasting color. This will enhance your work by adding more depth to it.

Canvas street Light Painting

Finishing touch

                          Don’t forget to add a layer of varnish after completing, to get a more refined look and add a glow to your work. Store your canvas board in a clean, dry place for a minimum of 3-4 days to let the paint dry. Lastly, don’t hesitate to showcase your skills with a canvas panel because thou art, made for art!

Canvas Board Drawing

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