Best Dry Mixed Media Sketchbook of 2022

Menorah pencil drawing Sketchbook

                                       It is said that an artist lives two lives- one in their mortal body and another in their art, which is eternal. Artists add beauty to an everyday event and immortalize it in their work. Menorah has introduced the perfect sketchbook for all artists who are passionate about what they do.

                                       To ensure that every artist enjoys their experience, Menorah has made the best sketchbook for colored pencils that is beyond perfect. This dry media sketchbook is handcrafted by artisans for artists. It is made of special vegan leatherette cover that is smooth and ideal for sketching.

                                       This leatherette deserves a special mention as it was curated after several months of testing to make sure that it would endure the wear and tear of everyday life and preserve all your priceless art work. It is also excellent for personalization and can be a wonderful gift to encourage budding artists.

Menorah 115 gsm pencil drawing sketchbook

                                      The paper is buttery smooth and has a fine-tooth texture. This makes it suitable for all kinds of Pencil Sketching-Sakura Micron Pen Art, Mandala, Wax Crayons, Soft Pastels, Oil Pastels, Portrait Sketching, Pencil Colors, and Mild Water color Sketch. It can beautifully hold any type of powder and is hence perfect for charcoal or graphite sketching, brush lettering, brush pen calligraphy etc. It can also work very well as a gouache or an acrylic if you do your painting without too much water. It is a must grab sketchbook for all artists who cannot resist drawing when they set eyes on a good quality paper.

Menorah Sketchbook

                                   The sky speaks in many colors, doesn’t it? Try mixing your palette with Menorah’s sketchbook. You will be surprised to see the results and achieve those beautiful colors of sunset!

Menorah notebook

                                  Sometimes we read a book and the lines are so beautiful that they are etched in your mind and heart. Stick a picture of your favorite character and write your favorite quotes using calligraphy and make them timeless.

sketchbooks for pencil drawings

                                    If you are someone who is interested in stick figure drawing or comic art, unleash your creativity and let your art speak volumes.

                                    It is both spiral and case bound and comes in different sizes like square, A5 and A4. The coil lock technology in spiral enables easy flipping and gives plenty of access to all the papers. This sketchbooks for pencil drawings can be used by students for art classes, children for summer camps and also by fashion designers to make new designs and art each day.

Menorah Pencils Sketchbook

                                          The cover of the casebound sketchbook is sturdy, making it perfect for urban sketching. Even if you are travelling, this sketchbook can capture with the strokes of your hand, the beauty that your eyes see.

                                          If you are a student who makes fascinating drawings for your projects or thesis, this portrait sketchbook can preserve all your art that you have put so much effort into making. Any work of art is an exhibition of a person’s talents and passion. You can preserve you child’s or your best friend’s art as a keepsake, which will become a delightful memory that will make you smile.

                                          This sketchbook is luxurious yet economically priced and is designed to be the best companion for all modern day Michelangelos.



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Very useful and I loved it❤️…..The cover is hard and good. Pages are clean and wonderful. Most amazing thing is it has lots of pages to draw and create what you love😍

Avneet Sen October 14, 2022

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