Cherry Blossom Scenery Painting with Watercolor


The most beautiful time of the year is here. The streets have come alive with a stunning hue and the air carries an enchanting aroma. As it falls and blankets the ground, ordinary street walks transform into a picture-perfect painting. This vibrant season is a wonderful chance to celebrate the beauty of nature. A season more magical and colourful than snowfall itself- the season of cherry blossom.

Painting is the best way to give life to the gorgeous scenarios that your eyes have witnessed and watercolour is a medium that can capture the mood and depth of your surroundings precisely. Menorah’s watercolor sketchbook is the perfect canvas for your artistic endeavoursIt is 300 GSM thick and made of 100% cotton. These watercolor papers offer the ability to achieve fine details even with multiple layers of watercolour and give a smooth flow while painting. They are also ideal for Acrylics, Gouache, Tempera and poster colours.


Here are the steps to recreate this cherry blossom painting easy by @monali3832:


Materials required

  1. Menorah watercolor sketchbook
  2. Watercolor
  3. Water
  4. Round brushes
  5. Tissue


1. We are going to use the wet-on-wet technique to create a soft and smooth blended landscape. Dip your paint brush in water and apply it all over the 300 GSM watercolor paper.


2. Use sapphire blue on the top of the watercolour sketchbook to paint a light morning sky


3. Add a small amount of orange on the left side of your 300GSM watercolor sketchbook to create a soft impression of sun rays


4. For lower half of the sky, use a deeper layer of sapphire blue to define the horizon and gently make the boundary where the sky meets the landscape


5. Use sheen green to create a layer of sunlit greenery in your 300GSM sketchbook


6. Use olive green for painting the subsequent layer where the greenery is darker as it receives lesser sunlight. Highlight with olive brown to add more depth to the cherry blossom painting.



7. With a light wash of pink create an outline of the cherry blossom leaves. Once it dries a little, highlight by taking more amount of pink. This will give you more control while painting and help create an interesting texture.


8. Draw the bark and branches of the trees with brunette brown in your watercolor sketchbook 300GSM


9. Splatter olive green in the bushes and use a tissue to shield the top half of the cherry blossom tree painting


 10. After allowing the painting to dry thoroughly, highlight all colours and add additional details to elevate the cherry blossom artwork.



Here we are done with a lovely cherry blossom painting.  A fleeting moment of ethereal beauty now captured forever in your sketchbook.






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