Easy Technique to Paint Flowers with Watercolour

  Be a fuchsia in a field of roses. Roses are a classic symbol of beauty. They are elegant, delicately graceful and often the most picked among a bunch of flowers. Fuchsias on the other hand are fiercely different. In contrast to the subtle shades of the rose, fuchsias are bold, vibrant and embrace their uniqueness in all splendour. The bright hues of violet and red, intricate patterns and its slender shape dancing in the wind, have the power to captivate anyone’s attention.

  Escape into this world of wonder and serenity by painting these beautiful flowers in your sketchbook. Painting flowers is more than just creativity, it is a therapeutic process that will rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Menorah’s watercolour Sketchbook is the perfect indulgence for your art therapy. It is 300 GSM thick and made of 100% cotton. These watercolor papers let you achieve fine details and give a smooth flow while painting. They are ideal for watercolours, Acrylics, Gouache, Tempera and poster colours.


Here are some watercolour painting ideas and techniques inspired from @lysshades:

Materials required

Menorah 300GSM Sketchbook

Round brush


 1. We are going to use the wet-on-wet technique to achieve the beautiful patterns of the fuchsia and its smooth texture. Begin with wetting the 300GSM Watercolour paper with water in such a way that it glistens in light.

 Let the watercolour paper dry. This will help to control the paint’s flow on paper.


2. Splatter some dry yellow and olive-green paint on the watercolour sketchbook 300GSM for some greenery effect. The dry paint does not spread and retains its shape.

 The key to using the wet-on-wet technique is using dry paint where you want a precise shape and wet paint where you want the colours to flow and blend together.

3.Next, add water to yellow and olive-green and use them to draw leaves on the 300GSM Sketchbook.

These wet paints will blend together beautifully into a natural shade of leaf green.

4.Draw the stalk of the flower with dry red watercolour

5.Use a light shade of red to draw the sepals of the fuchsia. Adding lesser water will give a deeper shade that can be used to highlight

 6. Draw the petals of the fuchsia on the 300GSM Watercolour Sketchbook with light purple and highlight with the darker shade as before. The paint being wet will give the petals a soft and natural appearance.

7. Draw the stamens of the watercolour painting flowers with dry red paint.

 8. As a final touch, add some more water to get a translucent shade of red. Use it to draw adjoining sepals to create an illusion of a bunch of flowers. Now you have a dreamy watercolour painting.


  Painting with watercolour is all about letting go and embracing spontaneity. Enjoy all the freedom that watercolours have to offer with the finest Menorah sketchbooks and let your creativity blossom.

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