How to Customize your Bookmark

Menorah Bookmarks ideas

                                    It is the small things that bring big happiness. Ask any booklover if they like bookmarks and you can watch their face light up instantly. Bookmarks are a favorite among book lovers, both young and old.

                                    Every time I stumble across a bookmark on any old book that I had been reading, I am on a beautiful walk down the memory lane where I remember all the details about how the bookmark was made, who gifted it to me and the things that make it very special. Not only that, my mind skips to the time when I was reading the book, images of the weather outside and the feel of the paper flit across my mind, making me nostalgic.

                                   I also have some bookmarks that are very lucky for me. If there is any exam that I am anxious about or any book that I have to finished studying the day before the exam, I use these particular bookmarks and they always work like a charm. Sometimes, I laminate my handmade bookmarks before using them on my rare books collection.

Menorah Bookmarks Drawing ideas

                                   Paper bookmarks are more than just accessories to know on which page you are at. Bookmarks are a source of excitement and it has even become a fun collectible. Every time I buy a book, my joy is doubled when it comes along with a bookmark. It is like receiving a very special fortune cookie! Handmade watercolor bookmarks also make excellent gifts. You can personalize and gift your loved ones, bookmarks that they would like and it is very simple. It would definitely make the receiver feel like you understand them and nothing beats a gift that is made by your own creative self.

Menorah bookmarks Papers ideas

                               Watercolor bookmarks from Menorah are made of 300gsm thickness. It is excellent for watercolors, acrylics, gouache, opaque gel pens and gelly roll pens. So, you can come up with many watercolor bookmark ideas. You can decorate your bookmarks with beautiful floral patterns, characters from your favorite books or even a lovely quote that you came across.  They are wonderful personalized gifts, certainly better than Chandler’s mixed tape to Monica .

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