How to Make your Own Bookmark

                                 I had recently bought Alice Walker's The Color Purple and I wanted a bookmark that would resonate with the cover and the theme of the book. You can think of several such bookmark ideas with paper for different occasions. So, here is how I made a purple zodiac bookmark for myself.

 Materials required

  • Watercolor Bookmark from Menorah
  • Photographic ink
  • Water
  • Round paint brush
  • White gelly roll pen

 Paint your heart out!

Menorah Watercolor Bookmark Ideas

                                   I wanted my paper bookmarks to have a nice and flowy effect, so I knew I had to paint using the Wet-on-Wet watercolor technique. I first applied water on my bookmark by dipping my paintbrush in water and gently applying it on the surface.

Menorah Watercolor Bookmark painting

                                    While the bookmark was still moist, I filled the filler with some photographic ink and squeezed some amount of it on a few places. I let the ink run on the bookmark to form a nice haphazard pattern and then spread it with the paint brush.

Menorah Watercolor Bookmark Drawing

                              I, next, decided to splatter some ink on sides of my Watercolor bookmark to make it more interesting. But I also did not want the splatter to be too erratic. So, I held the dipped paint brush by its end over the desired place and gently tapped it with the other hand. I love how this technique has worked.

Menorah Paper Bookmarks

Time to draw!

Menorah 300 GSM Paper Bookmarks ideas

                                  Fast forward waiting for the ink to dry. Now it’s time to draw! I wanted the bookmark to have a personal connect with me, so I decided to draw my zodiac sign. I used a white gelly roll pen because I love the combination of purple and white, it looks really sublime. I drew the constellation of the Libra sign and tried to write it in as much as a fancy way as I could.

Get creative!

                                I decided to go a little extra with my bookmark painting. I drew little dots on the purple background to make it look like a starry sky. These dots with the opaque pens really made them look like stars that were glittering far away. You could decorate yours with small flowers, cartoons or just doodle as you like.

Bookmark drawing ideas

                                   I couldn’t take my eyes of the bookmark every time I opened my book. I also gifted several to my friends and family which they absolutely loved. Don’t miss to try 300gsm bookmarks from Menorah, where creativity and utility go hand in hand

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