How to Paint a Mountain Landscape with Gouache


The heat has gone up from warm to scorching, thanks to summer. Now is the right time to take a quick vacation to escape the heat. If your idea of a relaxing summer vacation involves tall, brooding hills surrounded by lush greenery, we are on the same page.

You can never go wrong with choosing a mountain destination. It’s a picture of serenity with space for adventure, making it the perfect spot for both kinds of people- the thrill seekers and the chill seekers.  If you are looking for thrill, there are plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing, rafting etc. Alternatively, its tranquillity, breathtaking scenic beauty and the fresh air makes it perfect for a do-nothing vacation.

Capture the timeless beauty of your mountain getaways through art and keep them as fresh as you found them with Menorah sketchbooks. The Mixed Media Sketchbooks are 180 GSM thick and perfect for Dry Media like Sakura Pen Art, Soft Pastels, Oil Pastel, Colour Pencils etc and Wet mediums like Acrylics, Gouache, Water Colour paintings, Tempera, Poster colour etc. The acid free papers will keep your favourite memories and paintings intact.


Here are the steps to recreate the mountain landscape painting by @_free_hand_


Materials required:

  1. Menorah Mixed media sketchbook
  2. Gouache paint
  3. Round brush


  1. Let’s set a beautiful sunset as the backdrop of the painting. Leave blank space in the shape of a mountain at the centre of the 180 GSM sketchbook.


  1. Apply a layer of pink colour gouache around the mountain shaped space. Use lavender, violet and cobalt blue in successive layers above respectively. Blend them all together to get a smooth gradient in the mountain painting.


 3. Draw clouds with cobalt blue to achieve a dusky effect in the 180 GSM Paper


4. Paint a few places of the mountain space with pink to indicate the reflection of sunlight. Enhance with highlights of flax yellow to add a golden glow to the mountain.


 Paint the rest of the mountain surface in the 180 GSM Paper sketchbook with white, highlight subtly with grey as well as a hint of cobalt blue for a rocky texture


5. Paint the space below the mountain with cobalt blue for a dark ambience and draw pine trees on the mixed media sketchbook with black for a shadow effect


 6. As a final touch of painting mountains, draw a moon and a few twinkling stars to the sky.



Escape from the everyday stresses with the therapeutic process of painting. Reconnect with the ethereal beauty and the calming spirit of mountains with Menorah sketchbooks.

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