Sunrise at the Beach Painting with Menorah's Gouache Pad

                     Here is one thing you need to add to your bucket list right away. Watching the sunrise at the beach! The way the new day breaks through the horizon will truly mesmerize you.

                     The sun wakes up from its slumber and slowly ascends, stretching its rays and spreading its warm glow through the sky in shades of brilliant yellow and orange. The sea buoyant at the sight of the sun, sheds its dark blanket and lights up in shimmering hues of blue and turquoise. Watching all of this nature’s spectacle, while the cool breeze blows and the gentle symphony of the persistent waves plays, is enough to enthrall your mind forever in its beauty and tranquility.

                   Witness and cherish such fascinating moments in your painting.  The Gouache pad from Menorah is heavy weight 240gsm paper with fine toothed texture and crisp edges. It provides all your paintings precision and full flat color coverage. It is also suitable for Acrylics, Fine Liners, Opaque Pens, Colour pencils, Charcoal, Graphite, Soft Pastels, and Oil pastels.


If you are looking for gouache painting ideas, here are the steps to recreate the beach painting done by @art_lub16:


Materials Required

Menorah Gouache Paper Pad

Gouache Paint

Flat brush

Round brush

Washi tape



          Use washi tape on the borders of your gouache paper pad for a clean painting.

sky in gouache ideas

                Rise and shine! Let’s paint the morning sky that is just turning blue. Paint the first layer of your gouache pad with dark purple gouache paint.

gouache painting color techniques

                    Mix some white with the dark purple and paint the layer below. To get a gradient, paint the layer blow the light purple with ivory and blend all the colors together in your gouache pad.


rising sun painiting

                     To draw the rising sun in sunrise paintings, draw a small semi- circle in light yellow. To highlight its rays, paint a layer of dark orange on both sides of the sun.

Sea :

gouache painting mixture

                    Time to paint the sea! Use a mixture of the marine colors- marine blue and marine green to get the desired colors of the shimmering sea.

gouche pad painting

                    To bring out the wave effect, draw small wave like patterns in turquoise with a round brush. You can add a more realistic touch by adding a foam like effect with white paint towards the end of the waves.

Beach sand drawing

                   Mix yellow and grey together to get the colour of the beach sand on your gouache paper pad.

heart pattern  drawing

                          How do you go to a beach and not make some sand art? Let’s draw a small heart pattern on the beach sand. Since the pattern would appear darker than the sand, mix brown and grey to get the right darker shade on your gouache paper pad.

Clouds :

gouache pad blog image

                       Some sunlit clouds to add beauty to the sky. Draw clouds with light orange and highlight them with dark orange and yellow for a fiery effect on your gouache pad.

sunrise beach painting in Menorah Sketchbook

                      Peel off your washi tape and savour your beautiful sunrise beach painting!

                    Painting is a personal and the ultimate way to create a tangible form of the best experiences saved in your mind. Immortalize them with Menorah Gouache pads.



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