View From Window Painting with Gouache for Beginners

                         Lucky are those who get to draw the drapes of their room and enjoy a beautiful view through their window. Not always do we have to embark on a trip to enjoy the world. A majestic sunrise and sunset, a graceful misty morning, the glorious moon and a stunning night sky wait to bedazzle you at your doorstep. All you need is some quiet time to take it all in.

                       Paint the beautiful world around you with Menorah sketchbook. It is 180 GSM thick and perfect for Dry Media like Sakura Pen Art, Soft Pastels, Oil Pastel, Color Pencils etc. and Wet mediums like Acrylics, Gouache, Water Color paintings, Tempera, Poster color etc. Its acid free papers will keep your beautiful paintings intact. The Mixed Media Sketchbooks from Menorah are perfect for you to create your beautiful paintings. If you are looking for interesting gouache painting ideas, all you got to do is enjoy and paint the view through your window.

                      Here are the steps to recreate the view from window painting done by @the_painted_wings:

Materials required:

Menorah Mixed Media sketchbook

Gouache paint

Flat brush

Round brush

Washi tape

  1. Use washi tape on all sides of your 180 GSM sketchbook before you begin painting.

sky in the window painting

                         Let’s start with the sky in the window painting. Paint a layer of Ultra-marine blue at the top followed by a layer of cobalt blue. Merge the two colors to get a gradient.

menorah Gouache Paint Blog

      2.Leave some space. Paint a layer of cobalt blue below the space.

Menorah Gouache window painting Blog

       3.Now, lets work on the scattered sunrays in the sky during sunset.

          Fill the space in between with yellow gouache paint, in a haphazard          manner to bring out the scattered effect.

gouache painting

      4.Highlight parts of the yellow layer in your gouache painting with orange to bring out the fiery shades of sunset.

gouache painting blog

      5.For the window pane, make a half open rectangle on three sides with black paint and a flat brush.

         The black colour highlights the contrast between the darkness and light on two sides of the window gouache painting.

window gouache painting

window gouache drawing

      6.Add other small details like the window bars, a climber and a few buildings, all in black.

Menorah 180 GSM Sketchbook Painting ideas

                   Peel the washi tape off your 180 GSM sketchbook and enjoy the view through your window! Live in the moment and capture the beauty that you see every day with Menorah sketchbooks.

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