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 Indulge and challenge yourself with this inspiring medium and make your designs POP! 

This Black Paper Sketch Book is the best way to make striking images with opaque gel pens, gouache, acrylics, coloured pencils, white charcoal, white pen, pastels, and more!

The satisfaction of Reverse Art is something you must experience. You can create a contrast in your artwork between these black sheets and any light hue.

The 250 gsm SMOOTH, Thick, Silky Paper designed to be your STURDY companion.


Menorah sketchbook with black paper sketchbook. galaxy painting done using brustro acrylics, camel watercolour, factornotes notebook, Archer & Olive Blackout Sketchbook with gouache painting of planets and milkyway


  • 250 GSM  TRUE BLACK  Sheets with 84 pages/ 42 sheets
  • Size: 297 mm X 210 mm or A4 paper dimensions, the right big size to draw bigger designs & pattern
  • Metal Spiral with technologically improved COIL LOCK which is better than the wireo sketchbook. It opens 360˚Flat and yet is sturdy for you to draw even on your lap
  • Beautifully bound in a classy black leatherette cover which you can personalize with your name, or draw as you please
  • 100% HANDCRAFTED Signature Elastic Band (Orange on black) with just the right amount of tautness to hold firm
  • Mediums to use on your MENORAH - TRUE BLACK Sketchbook paper to get the best results: 
    •​White pens, white pencils, white charcoal 
    •​Any pen colours, but with opaque ink;
    •​White charcoal and pastel pencils
    •​Paint markers
    •​Gouache and acrylic paints
    •​Metallic watercolours, Metallic Acrylic paints, Colour pencils
    •Inks and calligraphy inks ​(opaque/shimmery)– applied either with brushes or with dip pens


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