A Guide to Painting a Winter Landscape

  With the winter setting in, are you dreaming of snowfall and reindeers? Then here is a winter’s fantasy that you might enjoy painting.

  This reverie is all about an ethereal winter landscape. The sun has just begun to descend below the horizon and the sky is ablaze with bright, fiery colours. Snow fall has blanketed the earth and is reflecting the last rays of the sunset in a silvery, bluish hue. It is a breathtaking dance between fire and ice. In this hush of the winter’s evening is a family of reindeers radiating a bond of togetherness and anticipation for all the good things to come.

  Embrace the beauty of dreams and give life to it with our canvas board painting ideas. Menorah’s Canvas panels are 13.05 oz thick, made from high-quality cotton surfaces and have the right medium grain to hold your paint and offer a smooth surface. There are many Canvas Board Sizes ranging from 3x3 inch to 12x16 inch.

  It is ideal for Oil Paints, Acrylic Paints, Metallic Paints, Gouache and Tempera. They are triple primed with acid-free Titanium Gesso. So, you can start painting as soon as you remove the wrapper.


Here are the steps to recreate this winter silhouette landscape by @rexana_art


Materials used

Menorah canvas for painting

Acrylic paint

Flat brush

Round brush

Fan brush



    1. To create a vibrant sunset effect, paint the first layer on the canvas board with orange acrylic paint. Paint the layer below it with yellow followed by orange. Blend them together to get a gradient


    2. Use a round brush and white paint to draw a small, setting sun on the canvas panel. 



    3. For a snowy effect on the winter landscape art, mix grey acrylic with white and paint a base with a flat brush


   4. Let’s draw some trees. To create an illusion of depth in the winter landscape painting, draw a few trees with the grey and white paint mixture. Draw the next few with ultra- marine blue.



    To make the leaves look snow covered paint them with ultra-marine blue. Using a fan brush will add more texture.


   Use ultra-marine blue to create snow base towards the front and highlight with white. Draw the trees on this layer of the acrylic canvas board with black paint  to create a silhouette effect.



   5. Let’s bring Rudolph’s family into the picture. Draw an outline of reindeers with black paint. You can also add some grass along the landscape for added aesthetics.


  A magical winter landscape painting easy and quickly done in simple steps. Let your boundless imagination unfold and come to life with Menorah canvases.

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