Every person has their own unique style of handwriting which even identical twins don’t share through genetics. This shows us that everyone is unique.

Now let me tell you What is Calligraphy?

         Calligraphy is a visual art of writing which helps to create art forms to signs in a skill full and expressive manner. It is also the artistic process of forming beautiful symbols by hand and arranging them in a way that possess creative fire. Nowadays calligraphy is used in various forms and it getting attention vividly and that is the reason that you came here to gather more.

MENORAH’s Calligraphy pad

The small yet important difference?

          All over the world we have so many calligraphies according to their country and culture.  What makes the difference?

 The inks and the pens, but the game changer is the paper we use and the quality of it. It changes everything, I found a brand Menorah Stationery very recently who manufacture their own products and I was totally smitten when I knew it was handmade by Artisans. The brand has focused in making the best quality sketchbooks and as far as the many I have used from them; I must say I am not disappointed.

 What Pens can be used?

               Any calligraphy pens can be used for practicing calligraphy but there are few specific pens which would help you in your journey, you will have to try out different nibs an inks, depending upon your stroke, the pressure, your style, you will soon zero down on the pens & Inks.

 MENORAH’s Calligraphy pad,

 What paper is best for calligraphy?

               Normal printer paper are of 50-70 gsm and not generally recommended. Choose higher GSM paper, trust me you will feel the difference.

               If you are a beginner or intermediate, always start with a sketchbook or pad or something bound and do date them, don’t start with loose papers. As when you look back at your journey you would see how beautiful you have grown from a rookie novice to a person that you are. No loose paper can give that satisfaction.

                When I started to practice I used MENORAH’s Calligraphy pad, which was a pack of 2 and I felt it to be absolutely amazing and worth for my money. Why you ask?

  • Its coz… its 100gsm thick silky-smooth paper, allowed my calligraphy nibs to glide through
  • It didn’t bleed or feather with my ink
  • I generally use only 1 side of the paper and it fared very well
  • The best part is the square ruling, which is great for your practices in lieu of the single ruling. I felt it to guide my spacing's and strokes.
  • Once you practice over & over again using the square grids, you train your hands in such a way that your muscle memory takes control when you have to freehand on a plain paper.

MENORAH’s Calligraphy pad

After my initial practices with the Square ruled calligraphy pad, I moved on to their plain paper 140 GSM & 180 GSM Sketchpad which are totally fab too. Will write about those experiences later in a more detailed manner.




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