If you are new to the realm of art, you need to know the available paints and how you can use them. Watercolor, Acrylic and Gouache and many more.


Gouache Pad

                There are a variety of mediums in painting, but here to give the gist of the vividly using paints by artists are Watercolor, Acrylic, Gouache and oil pastels. But this all needs a paper medium that elevates the result of the drawings. The watercolor paint goes well with 240 GSM,300 GSM; it is ancient because even a non-artist person knows about watercolor. The next one is Acrylic paint. It gives you the surrealistic outlook of the sketch, and also it gives you the fun learning when it is diluted with water. The level of water you use gives you the difference when it dries. It gives you the glossy finish. 

  • Now let me tell you what briefly is gouache.

               Gouache combines the exciting characteristics of watercolor and acrylic paints, and it gives you the shiny look by achieving off to matt finish.

               Gouache has its considerable history, having been used for at least 12 centuries. It is quite popular and widely used for illustrations, posters, comics. Watercolor, gouache works well. The outcome of these paintings is as pretty as a picture.

Gouache Pad

  • How to explore your Color Palettes?

                  If you are a beginner or an artist, this Gouache Pad will be your place to create your palette. When I was practising in my gouache pad from Menorah, I only understood how the color mixtures gave me an ennumber of colors and the fun while playing with colors. Menorah has introduced a 240 GSM Gouache pad; it helped me try out for color palette.

  • Are you confused about what paper should be used?

                  Being an artist or as a beginner, you should know what paper and paints will go along. Let me tell you few things which might help you

  1. GSM- Gram per Square metre

                  The more the thickness of the paper, the density of colors pays off well. The higher the GSM goes, the thickness of the paper brings a good outcome. 70 GSM is a normal paper that is gradually used among people.

Gouache Square Pad

  1. 60 to 120GSM

                 These are widely used, but the more standards for writing are 80 gsm, and the more it is for printing and writing

  1. 140 to 300 GSM

                 The thickness of the paper is made for drawing purposes. I can tell you about Menorah. This brand manufactures products on their own for art and more. This brand of Sketchbooks are handmade; it is widely popular in the art realm among artists.

                 The weight of the paper determines for what medium it will look good. Only, for this reason, the GSM is important. Menorah has a gouache pad launched; their products are specifically made for artists' needs and convenience. You can also try this brand or anything available for you to try. My best wishes to you guys to enjoy the fun in art.







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