Easy Night time landscape Painting

landscape Painting 300 gsm


                            The sun, when it dips below the horizon takes along with it not just its light, but also the energy and bubbling enthusiasm of the world. If you chance upon a river bed at night, you can bet it will be the most soothing experience in your life.

                             The babbling river and its water glistening in the moonlight, will be a refreshing treat for your soul!

                             If you are an acrylics enthusiast, who wants to recreate such beautiful landscapes from nature, the watercolor sketchbook India from Menorah is the perfect one for you.

                        The paper is 300 GSM thick which can absorb any wet mediums like water colours, acrylics, tempera and poster colours without bleeding or warping. It is 100% made of cotton and acid free so your painting will remain true to life without yellowing or deteriorating over time. These cold- pressed papers also give you the right texture to paint and blend your colours.

 Here is how you can recreate the Night landscape done by @thedoodlekeeper on Menorah  Watercolor sketchbook 300gsm.

Night sky and its reflection :

landscape painting ideas

                          To paint that beautiful night sky, add a drop of Dark blue acrylic paint at the top of the paper followed by a drop of cobalt blue, ultra-marine blue and pink.

landscape watercolor painting ideas

                      To paint the reflection of the sky in the river below, follow the reverse order of paint drops. Blend them all in layers.

Clouds :

cloud painting ideas

                       Draw some clouds with cobalt blue paint. Highlight parts of it with dark blue and white paint for a more natural effect on your Sketchbook.

                       Paint the same on the bottom of the page to create the reflection of the clouds on water.

River bank :

watercolor painting landscape ideas

                      Stick a strip of washi tape at the center of your paper for a clean look. Pick up any old paint brush that you have with uneven bristles. Dip it in black paint and dab it on your Watercolor Sketchbook.

                      Take off your washi tape. Dab your paint brush just below it with lighter strokes to create an illusion of reflection Watercolor Sketchbook for Beginners .

draw barks of trees

                        For more detailing, draw barks of trees with a round brush and paint its leaves using the same method.

Stars :

splatter of stars

                          Pick up any old tooth brush that you have and dip it in white acrylic paint. Hold it close to the top of the paper and flick its bristles gently to create a minute splatter of stars.

Highlight :

landscape painting ideas 300 gsm

                   Make a few strokes with white paint in the water to create a flowing effect.

landscape drawing ideas

                       Take off your washi tape and you will have a scintillating landscape before you! Keep creating beautiful landscapes, come up with many more Watercolour Sketchbook ideas and get ready to fall in love with your sketchbook.


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