Galaxy Painting For Beginners

Menorah canvas Painting Ideas


                    Darkness can be quiet frightening. But there is one thing that makes even darkness soothing and likeable- a starry sky! A starry sky is definitely something to wonder and lose yourself to. Those tiny jewels of the sky are a thing of splendor. Forget shining like a diamond. Shine like the stars because as tiny as they are, they manage to light up the whole universe!        

                     You can have the galaxy at your fingertips by painting it on a canvas. Menorah’s Canvas for Painting  is 13.05 oz thick, made from high-quality cotton surfaces and have the right medium grain to hold your paint and offer a smooth surface. There are many Canvas Board Sizes ranging from 3x3 inch to 12x16 inch.

                        It is ideal for Oil Paints, Acrylic  Paints, Metallic Paints, Gouache and Tempera. They are triple primed with acid-free Titanium Gesso. So, you can start painting as soon as you remove the wrapper.

 Here is how you can recreate the galaxy painting done by @paintmywayy on Menorah Canvas:

Night Effect :

paint your canvas with black acrylic paint

                           The darker the sky, the brighter the stars shine! To get that night sky effect, paint your canvas with black acrylic paint.

 To get that night sky effect,

                                  Make a contrast and highlight parts of the sky by adding a few drops of white acrylic paint before the black dries and blend them together to a grey shade.

Pink Sky :

The grey with the red should give a beautiful pink shade

                            What would make this night sky even more spectacular is a wave of aurora. To do this, mix some red acrylic with white paint and blend it on the still wet Canvas Panel. The grey with the red should give a beautiful pink shade!

Details :

                             To get that beautiful twinkling stars, dip your paint brush in white paint. Hold it over the canvas and gently tap it with another paint brush till you get a splatter all over the sky.

                              You can also add details like trees by drawing it with black paint and a tent with camp fire to make it look travelers who are star gazing.

Seal Your Painting :

Menorah Canvas painting

                             It’s time to seal the painting with varnish once it is completely dry. Gently pour some varnish over your Canvas Board and spread it all over with a flat brush. It’s as easy as that and will give a beautiful gloss that enhances your painting.

Canvas Board Painting Ideas

                           Now you have a beautiful night sky with countless stars! Brainstorm many more Canvas Board Painting Ideas, recreate those wonders and celebrate life with the Canvas panels from Menorah.

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