Easy Painting Hack with Bubble Wrap

The very sight of bubble wrap would bring back vivid memories for all of us. A simple plastic sheet used for packing, that was often more interesting and loved than the package itself. With loud pops and laughter, the joy of bursting bubbles was infectious. Those were the times when happiness was found in the simplest of things.

Rediscover that carefree joy and rejuvenate your artistic spirit with Menorah sketchbooks. The versatile Mixed Media Sketchbooks from Menorah are perfect for you to try new hacks and create your best yet paintings. It is 180 GSM thick and perfect for Dry Media like Sakura Pen Art, Soft Pastels, Oil Pastel, Colour Pencils etc and Wet mediums like Acrylics, Gouache, Water Colour paintings, Tempera, Poster colour etc. Its acid free papers will keep your beautiful paintings intact.


Follow these simple steps to try out this creative bubble wrap painting by @theartcorner300


Materials required:

Menorah 180 GSM sketchbook

Acrylic paint

Bubble wrap

Flat brush

Round brush


 1. To make the background of the painting more attractive, paint the 180 GSM paper using black acrylic and a flat brush. You can also choose a colour that you find suitable


 2. Cut a bubble wrap sheet into 3 different sized circles. To make the circle more accurate, draw an outline with a pen on the cut pieces.


 3. Paint each circular sheet with different colours using a flat brush. In this bubble wrap painting orange, yellow and red colours are used


 4. Now place the painted sheet on the 180 GSM Paper sketchbook and press gently to create an impression


  5. Make small dots in the respective colour of the patterns with a round brush on the 180 GSM sketchbook to highlight it.

To make the red patterns stand out in the bubble wrap art, blend a little white with the red paint and use that subtle pink shade for highlighting.


 6. Draw stem and leaves to complete the blossom painting



 This simple yet beautiful painting goes beyond creating art from waste. It’s a chance to reconnect with your inner child. Keep the spirit of exploring alive by trying different combinations, techniques and unconventional approaches to painting with Menorah sketchbook.

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