Easy Summer Beach Painting

Summer has officially begun and the beach is a must stop place. The beautiful turquoise waters, the feeling of sand between your toes, the cool palm trees and the waves crashing against your feet, will steal your heart.
You can have a taste of summer and those beautiful memories, with some Watercolor Sketchbook ideas.
The watercolour sketchbooks from Menorah are 300 GSM thick, acid free and 100% made of cotton, making your seascape look vibrant and true to life. It works well with wet media like watercolours, acrylics, gouache, tempera and poster colours.
Here are the steps to recreate the beach painting done by @figments_of_a_mediocre_artist using Menorah sketchbook.

Materials Required

1. Menorah water colour sketchbook
2. Watercolours
3. Round paint brush
4. Flat paint brush
5. Washi tape

Blue sky

With summer comes wonderful clear blue skies! Begin with a layer of ultra- marine blue and a layer of light blue paint below it.
Keep adding white paint to the light blue as you move downwards in your Watercolor sketchbook and blend to get a gradient.


Drawing clouds is easy- peasy. Dip your round brush in white paint and draw with small, random strokes on your Watercolor sketchbook 300gsm.


Paste washi tape at the centre of the sketchpad to divide the colours between the sky and the sea.

Paint a thin layer of ultra-marine blue at top, which will add depth to your painting, creating an illusion that the sea extends far beyond.

Next paint with a layer of light blue. Blend it with white to get a gradient on your Watercolor sketchbook for beginners.

Highlight this layer by making small patterns with different shades of blue to show waves and the contrasts in the sea.

Sea foam

Dab white paint with your paint brush over the last light blue layer to get a minute texture.


To paint the sun kissed shore, mix white paint with a little cadmium yellow to get a creamy colour.

Use a portion of it at the bottom of the sketchbook and blend it with off white paint.


Draw outlines of palm trees with light blue paint as the sun will reflect the colour of the sea.


Draw the base of the trees with off white paint and then highlight with brown for a realistic effect.

Draw the leaves with dark green colour and highlight parts of it with light green.

Peel off the washi tape and enjoy the beach vibes with Menorah’s Watercolor Sketchbook India!

You can also take a print out of the below given outline to guide you through the process.

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