Easy Forest Watercolor Painting

Menorah sketchbook Forest painting ideas


                                    This week it is mystery in the woods! Does the idea of mystery excite you? Do you love binge watching shows or bury your nose in books that revolve around a dark, foreboding forest and the main characters who are lost in the ominous setting?

                                    Don’t follow suit and go camping into a scandalous forest or book a cabin. We’ve got easy Watercolor sketchbook ideas to get yourself a dose of the spooky fun. The watercolor sheets from Menorah are just perfect for your little adventure. They are 300 GSM thick and made of 100% cotton. These water color papers let you achieve fine details and give a smooth flow while painting. It is ideal for watercolors, Acrylics, Gouache, Tempera and poster colors.

                              Here are easy steps to recreate the forest painting done by @thedoodlekeeper on Menorah watercolor sketchpad.

Materials required:

  1. Menorah watercolor sheets
  2. Watercolor
  3. Round brush

Prep your paper:

300 gsm watercolor paper technique

                        Let’s use wet on wet technique to paint the dense forest. Prep your 300 gsm watercolour paper by dipping your flat brush in water and painting over it.


menorah sketchbook paper technique

                    Paint the four corners of your 300 gsm watercolor sketchbook with navy blue paint for a dark effect and wait for the paint to spread.

 300 gsm paper technique


forest drawing technique

                        Leave the center space untouched. Draw vertical lines surrounding the inner gradient in your watercolor sketchbook 300 gsm.

watercolour paper drawing technique

                         Drawing the leaves is upper easy! Make small dots with your paint brush surrounding the tree trunks which will soon dry and give a unique, leafy appearance.


watercolour paper forest drawing technique

                                 Once the paint dries a little, draw the tree trunks, branches and leaves with undiluted navy-blue paint for a nocturnal effect.

menorah forest drawing technique

                        Take off your washi tape and enjoy the worm’s eye view of your mystery forest.

                         The right watercolor paper can make even a simple painting look attractive. Keep painting with Menorah 300 gsm sketchbook and embrace the artist in you.


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