Forest Painting for Beginners with Easy Steps

                        Feeling a recurrent urge to off the screens and go into the wilderness? A walk through the forest might just be what you need. No bright lights or buzzes, no constant reminders and notifications, no deadlines and assignments. Just silence and solace in the forest’s embrace.

                         When life gives you a break, spend it with nature. The cool air with the smell of moss and whispers of trees, the leaves crunching beneath your feet and the canopy of trees above that filter every ray of light, will transport you to a different world. A world more serene and harmonious that you will always carry its tranquility in your heart.

                         Painting can be a much-needed break too that lowers your stress and anxiety levels. Paint your heart out with Menorah’s Mixed Media sketchbook . It is 180 GSM thick and perfect for Dry Media like Sakura Pen Art, Soft Pastels, Oil Pastel, Color Pencils etc. and Wet mediums like Acrylics, Gouache, Water Colour paintings, Tempera, Poster colour etc. Its acid free papers will keep your beautiful paintings intact.

 Here are some forest painting ideas by @shreyanshi.draws

Materials required

Menorah 180 GSM Sketchbook

Acrylic Paints

Flat brush

Round brush


forest painting acrylic

  1. Start by making a gradient to get that invigorating, green backdrop.

          Paint the 1st layer of your forest painting acrylic with black and the layers above it with juniper, moss green and white. Blend all the layers together.

Time to paint the trees

       2. Time to paint the trees. Mix moss green acrylic with white. Use it to draw the trees at the back which will give it a misty effect and add more depth to the painting.

contrast in your painting

                          Use a round brush to draw the trees that are at the front of the 180 GSM sketchbook with moss green paint to bring out a contrast in your painting.

Use grey acrylic to paint the rocks

       3. Let’s rock it! Use grey acrylic to paint the rocks at the floor of the forest in your 180 GSM sketchbook.

trunks branches

                  Highlight with black and white colors to make it more realistic.

moss green acrylic.

      4. Paint the leaves on the trees with a round brush and moss green acrylic.

forest painting for beginners

                    Highlight with olive green and lime green to make your forest painting for beginners look lusher.

forest painting easy

                         Here we go, a forest painting easy and beautiful that is relaxing and rejuvenating to make. Let your brush strokes and sketchbooks from Menorah take you to a realm of inner tranquility and creativity.

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