Easy Sketchbook Cover Idea with Menorah Sketchbook

cover drawing ideas

                  Life is merry for sweet tooths who hold a love for all things sugary and sweet and for a good reason. There is nothing a good bowl of dessert can’t fix. Be it creamy cakes, velvety ice creams or delicate treats, the flavors waft around the tongues, melting all sorrows away.

                 Cupcakes especially hold a special place in the dessert world. They perfectly baked miniature cakes along with a swirl of whipped cream on top will keep us going back for more. They are also the perfect choice to give your sketchbook a makeover. They are super cute, attractive and also easy to paint.

                Sketchbook cover drawing ideas by painting on Menorah’s sketchbook, as its pages, is a cake walk. The premium vegan leatherette cover enhances all the colors, offers a smooth surface that makes the paint brush glide and also helps the painting dry quickly.

Here are easy steps to make your own sketchbook cover drawing:

Materials required:

Menorah sketchbook


Round brush

sketchbook cover ideas

  1. To begin with your sketchbook decoration ideas, make an outline of the cupcake with a pencil

Paint the whipped cream on top

      2. Paint the whipped cream on top with white acrylic

Paint the cake layer

       Paint the cake layer below with caramel brown

       The wrapper can be painted with buff color acrylic and highlighted with peach

180 GSM sketchbook

         To bring out the exact color of the cherry fruit on the 180 GSM sketchbook, paint the first layer with a mixture of red and white. Once it dries, Paint a layer of red over it.

sketchbook decoration ideas

       3. Add textures to the layer of cake by drawing small dots and lines with black paint.

Highlight the entire drawing

                Highlight the entire drawing with black to enhance all the colors on the 180 GSM sketchbook and for a smooth finish.

Draw small sprinkles on the layer of cream

       4. Draw small sprinkles on the layer of cream with black and fill it with colours of your choice.

draw eyes on the wrapper cupcake   

       5. For some added cuteness, draw eyes and a smile too on the wrapper of the cupcake

Menorah cover sketchbook ideas

            All done. Your sketchbook looks all the more better! Add an element of yourself to your sketchbook ideas and let your creativity flourish.


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