How to Heal a Heartbreak with True Black Sketchbook Art

Menorah Black Sketchbook

                                  Let’s say you are out shopping. Are you one of those people whose eyes immediately dart towards a black dress and you pick it up in spite of being surrounded by myriad colors. This is proof that black is enticing. It has an inexplicable allure. It is certainly hard to find a color that can elevate and compliment other colors like black does.

Black 250 GSM Paper

                       Black is usually given a negative connotation. It is supposed to be ominous, gloomy, dangerous or menacing. But black is not just bold but also peaceful. Have you noticed that you can experience utmost serenity only during the dark? The world is fast asleep. There is nothing to disturb you and you are left alone with your thoughts and imagination, with no interventions from the sounds of the day whatsoever.

                     Travel during the night is absolutely Blissful. There is nothing but the calming sounds of the night, the moon and the starry skies that accompany you. Do you remember your childhood days when you used to travel at night and thought that the Moon was following you and you watched the night sky with sheer amazement?

Menorah Black Sketchbook

                        Most artists, writers and poets prefer to Work during the Night. It is when people are their most creative selves and they recapture their emotions in Tranquillity. If you had read Lord Byron’s poem “She Walks in Beauty like the Night” you would understand that there is beauty even in darkness that is worth praising.

                        If you are a passionate artist who is always up for a challenge, you should definitely try sketching in Menorah’s True Black Paper. Anyone can sketch on white paper that readily compliments and gives life to their art. But to sketch in True Black Paper is an adventure. True Black paper is as dark as the eclipsed sky and deep as each of our hearts. I personally enjoyed painting in Menorah’s True Black Sketchbook so much that I can’t wait for Menorah to launch their Black Art Journal. True Black Sketchbook is aptly named. The paper is truly black, not the shades of grey or brown that you find in other products. You can showcase all your skills as an artist by fabricating miniscule details. True Black Paper still remains largely unexplored. Don’t be hesitant to try this sketchbook. It is definitely worth the effort that you put in creating your art. So, go on and take up this venture and choose the road seldom taken.

                     Sketching in True Black Paper is therapeutic. It is in fact a life lesson. It teaches you to create your own light. To love yourself and heal yourself no matter how low you are feeling, because if not you, then who can do it?

                     Sketching in True Black Paper symbolically teaches you that in order to heal yourself, you must accept that you are feeling low and then work towards moving on. Similarly, you must endeavor to make the best of this sketchbook. You need to add more layers of color, light , happiness and appreciate every little good thing to make the colors pop in your heart and your art. But it is definitely worth it, because the more, the merrier right?

Black papers 250 GSM Thickness


                     Menorah’s True Black Papers are smooth and of 250 gsm thickness that will let your pen and brushes glide on it with ease. They are open to endless possibilities. True black sketchbook is excellent for various kinds of art like White pen art, pencil art, mandala, dot mandala, white charcoal art etc. It can enhance many colors like pastels, gouache and acrylic paints, neon colors, metallic and fluorescents.

You can recreate palace lights and make them gleam in your sketchbook.

Menorah Black Paper Sketchbook

                      Menorah True Black Sketchbook also enhances food illustrations, floral art, animal sketching and several other illustrations.

                       Sketching on true black paper is not just a way of art, but an embodiment of hope. It shows that light can be found even in the darkest of times.



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Great read.Reading through the aspects of black as a colour often looked down as inauspicious… this content has changed that perspective.Byron is right in saying black is beautiful. A good write up apt for breaking long rooted beliefs and to market black sketch book.well written

Lokeshwar June 08, 2022

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