This guide will help you to know how a primed canvas improves your painting, so far if you have been working on papers or on sketchbooks then beginning to work on canvas will give you a  great start and good support, but before jumping into the topic let me tell you some basic steps of how to choose your canvas.

Canvas Board For Painting


                           Canvas is nothing but an art surface, but there are various canvases available if you are a beginner then you have to do some research before entering into this level. I’m here to guide you through that path. Canvas panels & Canvas board are the two things you have here. Art kingdom allowed me to enter with my creative works. Imagination will be your key to enter.

Menorah Canvas 380 GSM Board

What does Primed canvas mean?

                         Many budding artists begin their canvas art in a cheaper one because there are many high-quality canvases to work in future. But to know how it works you can go with the cheaper ones, but it will not help you always. To enjoy the true pleasure of canvas painting you must go to some extents of buying a good primed canvas. Primed Stretched canvas will be your best friend. Canvases are primed with double or triple layered gesso or acrylic gesso. You can try working on wooden canvas boards in future. But right now, you need to focus on the available canvases.

                          In all the art stores you can find primed canvasses but you need to find the best in market. Unprimed canvases would rumble or wark while using oil or acrylic paints. Always do some research, not only in canvas, whatever you do research will always guide you in a best way. I made my list of using the canvases in a regular practice. Only then I understood the beauty of canvases. Comes in variable cute sizes and large sizes.

                            Many artists try painting on variety of surfaces, until they find their best canvas. Not only in canvases, even in journals, sketchbooks there are paper quality changes and it gives the comfort zone to the artists to work in their favorite sketchbooks too. At Menorah Stationery, every product has its unique beauty and standard, you might check here.


Primed Quality of Menorah:

                             The prices of the canvases may look high but it is outdone by its quality. You might be using local canvases but you have to know the real value and the outcome it gives for your painting. Canvas which is primed or unprimed the painting differs. In Menorah Stationery we mention out before primed value of 8 oz and our After Primed value of 13.5 oz. this will be mentioned in all our sites. When you choose your canvas, you have to be sure about the weight the higher the weight the quality changes. We have used MDF Board to give the sturdiness to work on your canvas panels.

Menorah Canvas Panels 380 GSM

Sizing and Primer:

                             Our canvas comes coated with high quality Titanium White Gesso and it is triple layer primed so your painting quality will drastically improve. As we paint in lower gsm papers, we obviously feel bad about the painting so we choose higher gsm papers or sketchbooks to work with your painting passion. The same way here to understand the good quality you might need to work with local canvases and then when you work with good standard quality of Menorah canvas you will experience the change of the colors and the outlook of your Masterpiece. Now we have launched 11 sizes in canvases and yet to launch some exciting products for you.
















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