How to Paint a Landscape on Canvas

                          We are here to take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, down the calm countryside, to cheer you with some sunshine and sunflowers.  Sunflowers are not just bright and beautiful flowers. They teach us all a life lesson. No matter how dark the day is, to stand tall and seek the light.

menorah canvas board painting


                      The 13.5 OZ canvas panels from Menorah are perfect to create your scenic landscapes. The canvas board is made of premium grade cotton that can take the paint very well and will not deteriorate easily. A primed canvas adds beauty to your art, as it gives a smooth surface for painting and makes the colours stand out. Menorah canvases are triple primed, so you can start painting as soon as you unwrap your canvas. They have small canvas board whose size ranges from 3 x 3 inch to 10 x 12 inch and big canvas board  whose sizes ranges from 12 x 12 inch to 12 x 16 inch.

Here is how you can recreate the sunflower field painted by

Blue sky   :

Menorah Canvas Board painting ideas


                             Time to paint some blue sky to put us in a good mood. Begin with a layer of bright blue acrylic paint. Next, paint a layer of light blue over it to get that beautiful morning sky. Blend the layers further down with white paint to achieve a gradient.

Rain clouds :

menorah canvas board rain cloud painting

                             Make an outline for the clouds with white paint. Fill it with a layer of grey acrylic paint. Highlight them further with white paint to make the clouds look puffy and more realistic.

Green field :

menorah sun flower field canvas painting

                               Make the base for the sun flower field with a layer of green paint. Draw many plants close by, in a slanting position to make them look like they are swaying with the wind. Top it off and draw your sunflowers with yellow and brown paint, highlight the petals with a little white.

Menorah canvas sun flower field with a layer of green paint

                              To make your field look lush green, use light green paint to highlight a few leaves in the plants that you have drawn.

Sunshine :

Menorah canvas Board Sunshine painting

                           The morning sun is usually visible in a small round form with long, white rays. Draw your sun with white acrylic and once it dries, highlight it again by drawing with another layer of white.

                         Now you have a thousand splendid suns on your canvas!

Menorah canvas Board painting ideas blog

                            A canvas is a very aesthetically pleasing way to create your art work. It is also the most durable way of preserving them. Awaken your artistic spirit and enjoy painting beautiful sceneries on your Menorah canvas panels .

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