Holiday Painting Ideas

Menorah Sketchbook Painting ideas


                       Winter is not just a season. It is a celebration that comes with many perks. The warm fuzzy clothes, the comforting food, the excuse to stay indoors, anticipation for the holidays and the best yet- snowfall!

                       Remember how surreal it felt when Lucy stepped through the magical wardrobe into Narnia? Watching the snowfall can make you feel that way! One moment, everything is normal and ordinary, as soon as it starts to snow, it is like waking up in another world where everything is enveloped in a white, magical blanket.

                        The Watercolor paper 300GSM from Menorah is the perfect way to welcome the winter. This Watercolor Paper is 100% made of cotton, so these pages can absorb and hold wet media like water colors, acrylics, gouache, tempera, poster colors and photo inks very well. This also makes it really easy to use any technique of painting you like and create your art work with fine details. The pages are also 100% acid free, so your art will last a very long time without yellowing.

Menorah sketchbook Snow painting ideas

                        It's time to make some beautiful winter portraits and bask in the snow!  Here is how you can recreate the snow painting done by @paintmywayy on Menorah Watercolor Paper Pad.


menorah watercolor paper drawing ideas

                           Let’s paint snow fall at dusk, when the sky is ablaze in a fiery, warm orange tint. Start off with a layer of ultra marine blue gouache paint. Leave some space in between and paint it with a layer of orange.

menorah sunset watercolor drawing ideas

                            Paint the layers further down with shades of yellow and peach to get that beautiful effect of scattered sun rays in the sky.


Menorah snow capped hills drawing

                    Let's add some snow capped hills to the scenery. Draw the outline of the hills with dark blue gouache paint on your Watercolor Paper India. Painting the hills with dark paint, will create a shadow effect and make them appear as if they are far away.

                                  Fill it with a layer of blue paint, followed by white to get that desired snowy effect.

3.Snow bed 

watercolor paper sketchbook ideas

                               Painting the snow bed with a blend of colors will add some depth and also make it look realistic.

                              Begin with a layer of white & grey and blend it together. The next should be a layer of tan gouache paint to make it look like the snow is reflecting the glorious sky above. This is again, followed by a layer of grey and white paint.

4.Christmas tree 

 Christmas tree drawing ideas

                                  Paint the tree with black gouache paint using your flat brush. Top it off with strokes of white paint, to create that quilt of snow over your tree.

Christmas tree Painting ideas

                                Now you have a breathtaking scenery before you that will make you fall in love, a little extra, with winter! Stay happier and healthier this holiday season, by painting on watercolour papers from Menorah.

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