When there are so many sketchbooks in the world of art stationery, why do artists love MENORAH Square Sketchbooks. Here are some of the aspects to understand to know the reason for this.

Compact & Convenient

MENORAH Square Sketchbook is the perfect art journal close to your heart, compact and convenient to carry wherever you go because art hunches are sudden and the rare random ones mostly become your master pieces. All of MENORAH’s sketchbook are completely hand-crafted thus giving you a product that itself is a piece of art with perfect binding which is possible only by skilled artisans.

 Hard Cover Shield

The square sketchbooks of MENORAH are durable hard case-bound with spill-proof, non-slippery specially designed PU leatherette. It is heavily tested and premium quality alone is sourced to make them the best like every other material used in our manufacturing process. The hard cover acts like your desk and makes it convenient to draw your ideas on the go at peace, because we have got your back with the most reliable sturdiness.

Perfect Sizes in square

MENORAH Square sketchbooks come in beautiful sizes the big friendly one 21 x 21cm, the most perfect 15 x 15 cm along with the travel companion 10.5 x 10.5 cm to doodle and paint your dreams, memories picture perfect in all dry, mixed and light wet media such as pencils, pastel colors, charcoal, pen varieties, gouache , acrylic colors , light water colors etc.


Colours you love

The MENORAH Square sketchbooks For Artist are now available in 3 different color Leatherette design PU casebound - Royal Blue, Scarlet Red and Classy Black.  They are all cute as plum and berry.


Rounded Corner Advantage

The rounded corner of your MENORAH sketchbooks makes them fold proof and more durable by protecting the paintings in them. Also keep the edges casual and gives an aesthetic finish. They slide in your totes and bags without harming the lining of your bag.

180 GSM Natural Shade Paper

The MENORAH Square sketchbook has 50 sheets / 100 pages of premium 180 GSM natural shade cold pressed paper that was chosen after our artists tested a number of papers and media. Though we suggest dry- mixed and light water colour media, our artists have found that MENORAH sketchbook For Drawing  works well with all kinds of colors. Our customers who are brilliant artists discovered that when they let a light water color layer dry and then paint the next layer, they were able to create amazing art with wet media as well. The paper is natural creamy white and slightly textured, just how the artists love them.


The Golden Square ratio

MENORAH Square sketchbooks give your creativity the perfect space to express balance and give you the sense of completeness. It provides equality on emphasis thus satisfying the eyes of the artist and the viewer. Mandalas, Zentangles, Patterns, Geometric designs, Circle art etc. and everything come out perfectly on these sketchbooks. Artist can create unique designs, compact, minimalistic and eternal art in the perfect frame like polaroid pictures instantly instagramable.


Signature Elastic Band and Silk book marks are the few more perks.

 The best thing about a sketchbook art journal is that they show your progress on every flip-through. They show how much you love drawing and how well you practice. It proves your style that you are best at, the style that choses you and the style that you were destined to be drawn towards.

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All the products of menorah are user friendly & the quality is awesome…recommend everyone to use it …love to buy more products from menorah…😊👍🏻✌🏻

Shipra Sharma January 27, 2022

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