From dawn to dusk you turn shades to shapes, from intuition to intention you bring reality from dreams. Oh yes! You are the sheer definition of an artist.

If you want to unveil  your fascination in watercolours art, you ought to sneak peek our quintessential ritzy  240 GSM WATERCOLOR SKETCHBOOK without further ado.

what about the paper?


Be it achieving crisp detail through your brush techniques or creating multiple layers of fairly watery paint on dry paper to achieve raw and authentic realistic tones and hues, this 240 GSM heavyweight thick sheet will be more than adequate for watercolour artists like you.

This sketchbook is perfect for watercolour paintings, Acrylics, Gouache, Tempera, Poster colour and also exemplary for dry media like Sakura Pen art, Soft Pastels, Oil Pastel, Colour Pencil etc, There are 30 sheets in total thick enough to be used on both the sides. The strength of the paper resists scrapping, constant erasing and also steadily permits multiple washes of colours without contorting into a curved shape.

The more the thickness, the more resilient they will be to bleeding, pilling and shape-warping even when you use multiple watercolour washes. 

Does the art fade over time?

There is nothing more daunting than to look at your art journal pages turning to yellow and fade over time and restrict the longevity of your artwork. It is your personal thought and emotion in the form of an art intimate to your eyes and you would never want it at any cost to change or fade over time. This Sketchbook comes with acid-free papers to keep the snowy surface pristine for your colours to look vibrant and lively just the way you intended it to be.


Only high-end and high-quality art brands offer watercolor sketchbook made of cotton. And it goes without saying that MENORAH offers this gold standard of paper sheets in all of its watercolour sketchbooks. The pages in this journal are fabricated with a 50% PREMIUM COTTON that caters your watercolours to sink nicely without budging. If you wish to swivel and edit your work, you have the ultimate liberty to reactivate the colours with a gentle touch of water.




If you want to make every penny count, you wouldn’t regret choosing this 100% HANDMADE durable hard case-bound with spill-proof, non-slippery specially designed PU leatherette watercolour sketchbook. These LANDSCAPE JOURNALS from MENORAH has 148mmX210 mm, or A5 paper dimensions, making them compactly sized easy to bring around with you. If you feel like you are inseparable from watercolour sketchbooks, this art journal comes in handy to travelling artists to help them bring alive their thoughts and innovations on paper while on the go making them unstoppable from creating masterpieces with a paralyzing beauty.


what makes it a deluxe grand brand?


The cold-press paper used in this watercolour journal is imported exclusively from Italy, which guarantees the high- quality standards of the Italian artisans. In addition to this, the best-loved feature is the pink-vegan leather cover from Italy, which is the sweet side of the red colour adds a feminine touch to it by making it personal and perfectly made just for you. If you are good to go with the colour which works for every season authoritatively, there is a black vegan leather version of this sketchbook made just for you.

As a protective measure, the book comes with a signature elastic band with just the appropriate amount of tautness to keep your journal from opening itself and causing folds and damage. This gives a perfectly modern and sleek look. Nonetheless, the double silk bookmark which is long enough to bring it to the corner makes this product stand out luxuriously.

If you dare to know what an incomparable joy in collecting little treasures of berries, then you don’t have a choice than to purchase these watercolour sketchbooks that come in BLACK and PINK synonymously like berries.








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