Simple Painting Ideas for Beginners

                    What do you do when you have a difficult day? You pull out your sketchbook and make it go away!

                   You let your mind wander about the things it wants to paint, taking you far from those that cause you stress. You find peace by letting your emotions and feelings speak through your art.

                 The 180GSM sketchbooks from Menorah are perfect for the artist in you. Make some time for simple art therapy with the A7 sketchbook Menorah. It is ideal for pencils, chalk, oil pastels, crayons, graphite, acrylics, gouache and light water coloring. It is super easy to carry everywhere as it can even fit in your pocket. It is compact and light weight so you can take it along when you go for a walk in the park, commute on a train or bus or on a vacation and make a quick & easy painting of the scenery or people.

Menorah A7 Small Sketchbook Ideas

                                       You can use the mini sketchbook to make landscapes, portraits, thumbnail sketches, miniature art, mandalas and even use it as a mini story book. Small sketchbooks are also easy to use and help you to create every day, as you don’t have to make a very detailed painting each time. It is perfect for budding artists to hone their skills and come up with many interesting mini sketchbook ideas.

                                       Here is how you can paint the easy and beautiful Red Moon that was done by Priyanka on 180 GSM Menorah sketchbook.

Outline :

Menorah A7 Sketchbook

                                First make an outline for the moon in the size that you have in mind. Won't the red moon look stunning in the night sky? Let's paint the background black with acrylic paint.

                                Covering the borders of the page with masking tape will help you paint evenly within a grid.

Base colors :

Menorah A7 Small Sketchbook

                         As this is going to be a red moon, let's choose pastel pink as the base color. To enhance and make it brighter, we can highlight the surface of the moon with a rusty red paint using a flat brush.

Detailing :

Menorah A7 Sketchbook ideas

                           Adding some extra details will make your painting more realistic. Add some strokes of white acrylic paint on the moon's surface. This will make it look like the moon is gleaming.

                         Time to use our favorite technique! Hold another paint brush over the black surface and gently tap it with the paint brush that has white paint. You will get a minute paint splatter that will make your night sky, starry and stunning.

Menorah A7 sketchbook Painting

                              Peel off the masking tape and let your painting dry. The queen of the night will sweep you off your feet! Unleash your creative genius by making series of paintings on your sketchbook like for Christmas, phases of the moon, sunsets, shapes of clouds etc. Enjoy the joy of painting with Menorah sketchbooks!

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