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Menorah mixed media Sketchbook

                                      There is thrill in the chill! Nothing spooky as far as we know, happens on a happy summer morning.  The dark December nights and the cold weather gives it life. If you love curling up on your bed and watching horror movies, this is the right time for you to cosy up with a sweatshirt, grab a hot drink and create some mystery in your Menorah sketchbook for artists!

                                     These papers of Menorah mixed media sketchbook are toothy enough to hold dry media like pencils, chalk, oil pastels, crayons, graphite and at the same time, thick enough to hold wet media acrylics, gouache and light water colors, without tearing.

                                   These mixed media sketchbooks for beginners are just perfect, as they can practice their art work using different media. It also helps professional artists to experiment, without having to restrict themselves to a particular medium. 180 GSM Paper sketchbooks from Menorah are perfect for recreating the scenarios you have in your mind. Let the spirits of The Haunting and The Shining inspire you!

 Menorah Sketchbook Drawing

Here is how you can create an interesting but easy Misty Forest in your Menorah sketchbook for drawing:

The dark!

Menorah 180 gsm sketchbook papers

                                   The dark can certainly make things look eerie. Let’s add some mystery element to our painting by setting it in the dark. First things first, washi tape on the sides of the page for clean borders. Next let’s make a circular gradient, to add depth to the painting. Put some white gouache paint on the center of the Spiral sketchbook. Mix it with cobalt blue gouache paint in a circular motion and then blend on the paper, till you get a big circle.

Color gradient :

180 GSM sketchbook ideas

                                 Now, add some ultra- marine blue gouache paint on all the four corners and blend them too in a circular motion. This will make the dark blue to pop forward and the light blue to recede into the background, creating an optical illusion.

In the woods!

Menorah sketchbook tree drawing ideas

                                  Dark night and mist are the perfect recipe to create a mysterious scenery. Draw the trees in the front with black gouache paint and some trees a little behind with navy blue gouache paint. The black trees pop forward and the blue trees, along with the circular white gradient will make it look like the trees at the back are covered by mist.

Snow time!

Misty Forest in your Menorah sketchbook for drawing

                               Some snowflakes would add some extra effects to your painting. Dip your round brush in white paint and gently tap it with another paint brush for a splatter.

                              Take off your washi tape. Your woods are now lovely, dark and deep!

                               Explore and feel alive with Mixed media sketchbooks from Menorah. Let art bring you great happiness

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