Simple Sunrise Painting For Beginners

                   Menorah 180 GSM Small Sketchbook ideas

                       Most of us are busy running after a 9 to 5 routine and having hardly any time to stop and look around.  Our days pass by in a flurry and we are left wondering how time moves so fast. While we are all stuck in this mechanical everyday routing it is important to rejuvenate ourselves and infuse some wonder into our everyday routine by watching sunrise.

                        The starry sky starts gleaming with a golden blush, which eventually spreads through the expanse of the sky and is embraced in a golden fire, making your heart warm in the beauty. Watching the sunrise is a glorious activity that will leave you awestruck. It will make you realise what a beautiful world we live in. It is something that must be done with your loved one to feel a growing bond among you and with nature.

Menorah 180 GSM Combo Images

                        The 180 GSM Mixed Media sketchbooks for artists are perfect to bring such wondrous moments to life. The paper is made with optimal texture, so it can take several layers of wet medium like acrylics, gouache, poster colors and even mild water colors. It also enhances portraits drawn with dry medium like pencil, charcoal, graphite, soft pastels etc. This acid free, eco -friendly papers will preserve your art work and memories for a very long time.

            Here is how you can recreate the painting of dawn done by @creative.lotuss on 180 GSM Menorah sketchbooks.

Rough sketch :

                           This painting is drawn from the perspective of two people enjoying the sunrise from a caravan. Draw a rough sketch of this detail with a pencil before starting to paint. Don’t forget to cover the sides of your sketchbook with tape for a clean border.

Sunrise :

Menorah Sketchbook 180 GSM Drawing Ideas

                            If you are a sky watcher, you would have noticed that the sun usually appears at the bottom of the sky’s expanse. It starts with a lite golden hue at the bottom and the parts of the sky mixed with the sun’s rays, turns into a beautiful turquoise shade.

                           To recreate this, start with a layer of blue acrylic paint and then add a layer of yellow paint at the bottom of the sketchbook for painting. Paint a layer of green in between the blue and yellow layer, to highlight the sun coming up the sky.

Morning Sky :

Menorah 180 GSM Sketchbook painting ideas

                            Time to paint the dawn sky. Instead of using a paint brush, let’s dab paint onto the square sketchbook with a sponge to add texture. Dab a layer of navy -blue acrylic paint at the top of the sketchbook.  With a paint brush, paint layers of cobalt blue paint.

Menorah 180 GSM Sketchbook

                            To make it more realistic, dab some ivory blue acrylic paint with a sponge and add a few strokes of turquoise paint with your paint brush.

Starry sky :

Menorah Sketchbook Sketch ideas

                             Time for extra effects! A starry sky is always stunning. Dip your tooth brush in white acrylic paint and flicker the bristles over your sketchbook to create a minute splatter that looks like stars.

 Detailing :

Menorah 180 GSM Sketchbook ideas

                            Paint your rough sketch with colors of your choice. The roads always look blueish in the light of the stars and the faint rays of the sun. Create an outline with navy blue paint followed by cobalt blue.

Menorah Sketchbook drawing ideas

                             Peel off your tape. Now you have successfully captured the extra ordinary joys of life in your sketchbook. Enjoy the art of capturing moments with Menorah sketchbooks for drawing.

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