How to Make a Unique Bookmark

      Do you know the best place to be at the end of a long, hectic day? Between the pages of a book! Just the thought of a book waiting to be read is a comforting thought. It is a voyage through time into a different world, one that is beyond reality.

                         A bookmark is every reader’s trusty friend. They hold onto your dear pages so you can return to where you left off. Every time you pick an old bookmark from a book it will leave you feeling nostalgic about the time when you had first started reading that book, the smell of the pages the little moments that you spent crying or laughing, and glimpses of the world you spent seeing through the character’s eyes.

                         What would make this process even more exciting is using- Customized bookmarks! With the 300 GSM Watercolor Bookmarks from Menorah you can create bookmarks with many interesting bookmark painting ideas like florals, sceneries, character sketches or your favorite quotes. Menorah Bookmarks are made of 100% cotton and ideal for Watercolor Paintings, Acrylics, Gouache, Tempera and Poster Colors. Get creative with your bookmarks and enjoy the little moments of happiness!

Here is how you can re-create the butterfly bookmark made by @vitalartss :

Equal Halves :

Menorah Bookmarks Ideas

                            Draw two parallel lines at the center of your watercolor bookmarks for beginners. This will help you draw the two halves of the butterfly in a symmetrical fashion and will serve as the bookmark which goes inside the book. Once you draw the lines, you can draw the body and the wings of the butterfly on the two ends of the lines with a pencil.

Colorful :

Bookmarks painting ideas

                            You can color the butterfly you have drawn with any colour of your choice. Make sure that you add more water content, approximately 3 drops of water for 1 drop of color. This will give a beautiful texture that moves from light to dark shade in the base.

bookmark painting ideas

                              For the outline, you can pick a darker shade of the same color. But this time, add more pigment i.e. 2 drops of color for 3 drops of water, so that the color looks darker and appealing as a highlight.

Highlight :

Menorah Blog Bookmarks painting ideas

                              For creating more details on the butterfly, you can draw patterns on its wings with black watercolor using your round brush. Once it dries a little, highlight a few spots on the wings with white watercolor.

Menorah Bookmark Ideas

Final Touch :

Menorah Bookmark ideas

                         Once the color dries off, cut along the outline of your sketch with a scissor. Fold the bookmark in the middle of the two lines till both the wings of the butterfly align together. Fold the wings a little on the outside, to give it some shape and get a 3D effect.

Watercolor bookmark painting ideas

           Now you have a beautiful butterfly perched on your favorite book!

                                Customized bookmarks are fun to create and they make great gifts. Come up with interesting watercolor bookmark ideas. Go on and unleash your creativity with bookmarks from Menorah!

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