Simple Watercolour Painting Using Masking Fluid

                 Summer is almost here, but we are still pining after winter. We miss waking up to a cold weather and if lucky enough, getting to watch the snowflakes from our window.

                        Snow flakes are a sight to behold. They are nature’s masterpiece. As tiny as they are, each one is perfect yet unique made of different shapes, patterns and sizes. We know you must be like us, wanting to savor the winter magic and preserve snowflakes, like flowers, in your sketchbook.

Materials needed :

  •  Menorah watercolor paper
  • Masking fluid marker
  • Watercolor
  • Paintbrush

Why use masking fluid markers?

                         Masking fluid markers are a brilliant way to draw the precise patterns in a snow flake or anything else that you like, while painting with wet media like water colors. Once you draw the pattern that you want, you can paint over the paper. Masking fluid stays on top of the paper and doesn’t let the pigment soak through where it has been used. After it dries, it can be completely peeled off from paper, creating a perfect little mold in the shape you want.

Which is the best paper for painting using art masking fluid?

                                While art masking fluid use is easy, one has to remember to use the right paper to get the desired result. 300 GSM and 100% cotton watercolor sketchbooks and sketchpads work wonderfully with masking fluids.

                 The 300 GSM watercolor sketch pad from Menorah is a great option. It is thick and textured which makes it easy hold the fluid. It also does not get damaged when the fluid is peeled off by rubbing. It gives a good flow when you paint over with any wet media. Moreover, as it is acid free watercolor paper, it preserves your art for a long time.

Steps to recreate snowflakes water color painting done by @thedoodlekeeper

menorah paper art masking fluid

                        Use an art masking fluid, to draw the precise lines of snowflakes. Draw many snowflakes on your sketchpad in different shapes and patterns. You can also refer to Google for easy snowflake patterns you like.

Remember to use a thicker coat while drawing, so that it can be peeled off later easily.

masking fluid for watercolour

                      Let the masking fluid for watercolor dry completely for 2-3 minutes. Next apply some water over your sketchpad with a paintbrush dipped in water, for a smooth flow of watercolor.

art masking fluid

art masking fluid use

                          Add a layer of light blue watercolor over your damp sketchpad. Further add a layer of ultramarine blue and then deep blue to get a snowy winter vibe.

splatter a few drops of deep blue paint

                         While the paint is still wet, splatter a few drops of deep blue paint from your paint brush on your sketchpad.

                         As the paper is still wet, the paint will spread through, creating beautiful patterns. You can opt for a dark background as in this video or go for a lighter one as desired.

Splatter a few drops of white gouache

                       Splatter a few drops of white gouache with your paintbrush once the paper is completely dry.

                       This way the white drops will remain intact without blending and create the desired snowfall effect.

masking fluid  art

                       Wait till the entire painting is completely dry and gently rub over the masking fluid art with clean, dry hands and peel it off

                     Now you have stunning snowflake painting before you! Explore watercolor painting and spread your wings with watercolor paper 300 GSM from Menorah.


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