Aesthetic Painting for beginners using Menorah Canvas

                        We witness magic every day in the skies. Each day the sky and the sun cast a spell on us with their scintillating colors, leaving us spell bound for moments. Sunsets can indeed slow down time, they hold all of our attention and push worries out of the mind. Research shows that watching sunsets can boost emotional well-being and this includes photographs and painting.

                         So, what are you waiting for? Make your own sunshine with Menorah canvases. Menorah’s Canvas for aesthetic painting ideas is 13.05 oz thick, made from high-quality cotton surfaces and have the right medium grain to hold your paint and offer a smooth surface. There are many Canvas Board Sizes ranging from 3x3 inch to 12x16 inch.

                        It is ideal for Oil Paints, Acrylic Paints, Metallic Paints, Gouache and Tempera. They are triple primed with acid-free Titanium Gesso. So, you can start painting as soon as you remove the wrapper.


                         Follow these steps to know aesthetic painting easy ideas from      figments_of_a_mediocre_artist and recreate the beautiful work:

Materials required :

  • Menorah canvas board
  • Masking fluid
  • Acrylics
  • Zero size round brush
  • Flat brush

aesthetic painting easy    

  • Draw the sun at the center of the canvas board and fill it with masking fluid.

                       The masking fluid forms a protective layer on the canvas and does not let any paint to seep through. This gives you the perfect white base without going through the trouble of using several layers of white paint.

aesthetic painting idea

  • To get that golden effect for your aesthetic painting, mix orange with white and brown colors. Paint it in layers throughout the canvas with a flat brush.

aesthetic painting blog

aesthetic painting ideas

  • Eyes on the sun! Peel off the masking tape and paint the circle with white acrylic for a perfect finish.

canvas board painting

  • Mix a little white with yellow acrylic and paint a thin layer around the white circle of the canvas board to add a glowing effect to the sun.
  • Let’s add an interesting twist to make it look like the flower is holding the sun.

canvas board ideas

                          Draw the top portion of the petals with orange as it is closest to light and the rest of the petal with brown color for a shadow effect.

aesthetic canvas painting

  • Add more details and draw the stalk and few new buds of plants with brown paint and finish up this aesthetic canvas painting.

canvas board painting blog ideas

                        Indulge in art therapy with Menorah canvas and let the beauty of the world around you soothe your soul.

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