Fun Gouache Painting Idea- Tea Party

                                      Have you ever noticed how much life has changed? That you are now past your care free days and usually have to schedule or set up reminders to even meet with your friends? While it is not always possible to plan a vacation or get away for the weekend, a fancy tea party is a great way to get together and spill the tea.

                                      Take out your fancy cups, have a gala time and don’t forget to save and cherish your wonderful memories through your art. The Mixed Media Sketchbooks from Menorah are perfect for you to relive the beautiful moments in your life. It is 180 GSM thick and perfect for Dry Media like Sakura Pen Art, Soft Pastels, Oil Pastel, Color Pencils etc. and Wet mediums like Acrylics, Gouache, Water Color paintings, Tempera, Poster color etc. Its acid free papers will keep your beautiful paintings intact.

          Here are the steps to recreate the Tea Party painting by @art_lub16 :

Materials required :

Menorah Mixed Media Sketchbook

Gouache paint


Washi tape

Menorah 180 GSM Sketchbook ideas


sketchbook painting ideas

  1. Stick washi tape around the borders of your 180 GSM sketchbook for a clean finish.

           Make an outline of the scenario you have in mind with a pencil and start painting the backdrop.

coffee table painting      

      2. To paint the coffee table, start with a layer of orange gouache paint.                       

                      Make  the patterns that are seen in the wood with brown paint and a  round brush.

coffee table drawing        3. The color of the dress is painted with yellow and grey gouache.

                        It’s time to incorporate shadows and add more depth to our painting. The kettle here is blocking the source of light. Hence its shadow is cast  on the object behind it.

                     Mix yellow with grey to arrive at the right color and use the mixture to draw the shape of the shadow.

menorah sketchbook coffee table ideas

menorah sketchbook coffee table sketch     

         4. Paint the hand with your desired skin color gouache.

              Its shadow should be a compliment to this color. So, add a little grey to the skin color and paint the outline.

menorah sketchbook shadow painting     

      5.The sleeve of the hand has the darkest shadow in the painting.

         This is depicted with a stroke below, by mixing grey with a little black.

darkest shadow sketchbook painting     

      6.The light source is at the top, for this drawing in the 180 gsm paper  sketchbook. Hence highlight the top of the kettle with white to show the      reflection of light and dark grey below it for the shadow.


                       Highlight one half of the cups with white paint and the other with strokes of dark grey, to show the play of light and shadows.

menorah sketchbook fun painting

menorah sketchbook fun drawing        7. The sugar bowl at the bottom left is painted with shades of light and dark brown.

            Highlight the front part with a little white mixed with brown and its shadow falling behind it with a mixture of brown and black.

Menorah Sketchbook tea cups painting

      8.Paint the inside of the cups and the little droplet from the kettle with brown paint.

          Make an outline of your drawing with black stick pen for a contrast and cartoony effect.

180 GSM Sketchbook Drawing Ideas

                       Take off the washi tape from your sketchbook and enjoy your vibrant painting filled with memories.

                       Do try out your own version of this painting. Don’t forget to tag us and the artist, so we can feature your beautiful creation.

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