First, I'm here to share my ideas of sketchbooks and the experience that let me through this journey to guide the path for the young artists and the crazy minds who have the idea of starting a sketchbook or a mini sketchbook.

                            People might say you start with a bigger one or even use your notebooks for painting, but my friends, when you do something, do it in the right way or go through the wrong path to find the right one. That will gain some steps for you. Remember, even the step you fail is not the end; it is the step towards your Success.

140 GSM Sketchbook

                             Consider sketchbooks for your eyes only; it lets you be honest and create your sketches without any influence or draw what is inspired by other artists nothing wrong in doing that. Sketchbooks show the inner world and gives the impact to me in the future.

                             Many artists use sketchbooks because it is a place where they explore and learn new techniques to their artworks. So you might think then,

why a Mini sketchbook?

(i) Compact and Cute

                          Sketchbooks have so many sizes you can select one according to your needs. But I prefer to have many mini sketchbooks; it lets me sketch on the go, and because having one gives me the flow to my creativity. It's portable another plus it fits in my sling bag with the art supplies I always carry.

(ii) Travel friendly

Travel Sketchbook

                          If I'm going to travel, I have a lot of time to spend and relax. So when I have a mini sketchbook, it lets me draw what I admire at the moment. For example, there was a moment where I cherished memory, but instead of storing only it in my mind, I sketched it in now. It keeps me on track whenever I feel down or sad; seeing the sketch pushes me.

Now to the ideas, what you guys are waiting for

  • Doodle:

doodle Sketchbook

                     For beginners, doodling will be the best option to begin. Doodles were seen mostly on young children's notebooks, but nowadays, it has become a habit for adults. It is done jovially out of boredom. For budding artists, it will be helpful to create a flow to your creativity.

  • Cartoon

Cartoon Image tom and jerry

                              Yes, create your unique cartoon character in a mini sketchbook to have your version of the story. Although I know it requires patience, when you enter the art realm, it gives you peace and the habit of using sketchbook lets you learn patience.

  • Illusion drawing

                            This path requires practice and the dimensions give perspective towards life. A small change can lead you to the right direction. It creates an illusion to the people, and it's fun learning.

  • Sketches:

                           Start to sketch what is around you, and you have a live screen of nature in front of you with so many colors what is better than nature. Nobody will judge you in your sketchbook, so don't feel any pressure, and don't compare your drawings.

  • Challenges:

                          Schedule yourself a list of challenges it might help you to create your first chapter in the Art book. Art is not the destination. It's the journey of how it changes character, and it helps to look back at the growth within you.

Keep it Messy

Menorah Sketchbook

                      The point of having a sketchbook is to explore your journey with art. I have used many sketchbooks, but finally, I landed with Menorah Sketchbooks and journals. Their sketchbooks are handmade, and the buttery quality of the paper gave me the freedom to explore my path. We have so much around us, it requires attention, but we don't as an artist it reminds me how beautiful our life is, with what we have in our life. It helped me to cherish every moment in my life.

                    Sketchbooks became my best friend, and it became a place where I showed my inner thoughts without any pressure to the world. Sketchbooks became my way of the journal. Mini sketchbooks became even more closer to me because of its size. It gained my attention, and now I have a collection with me, and it represents my passion for art.

                   Believe these ideas gave you an impression to get a mini sketchbook and to the ways, you can have fun learning as a budding artist with the pictures and enter the whole new world of creativity. My best wishes to you guys.






WRITTEN BY Akshay Bafna

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