I know you have come here to know about how to start a new Sketchbook but Before going into that topic let me tell you what is a sketchbook and for what purpose it is used.

What is a Sketchbook?

                          Sketchbook is vividly used for Drawing purpose by Artists, it gives them a creative path to Start a new phase in Art World. The purpose of using one will bring out the creative side of yours.

                     Painting is just another way of keeping a diary
                                              -Pablo Picasso

                         Starting a brand-New Sketchbook is probably one of the best feelings in the world. If you are a beginner in the world of Art, the first page gives you a fresh start to spill your fantasy. When you have a fresh page to begin with it tempts you to fill it up. For some people there might be tension to fill the first page, but don’t worry there is no pressure. Just enjoy the pleasure its yours. Scribble as much you want. it brings out a different vibe in you and play with your sketchbook.

                         Sketching on loose paper might get lost but having sketchbook is always having an art studio with you. It makes you creative all the time, there are few ideas to make you get going


                       Scribbling is kind of a relaxing habit which gives freedom to do anything, it opens the gateway to Passion. Passion is something which makes you drown in what you love, Write, scribble do whatever comes to your mind but don’t stop These are the stepping stones, Practice will build may not be the good time to begin but it is the right step towards your good time.


Menorah Sketchbook

                      Each person has a talent which makes them Unique, have a habit of writing regularly which will make you improve to give a good output. Quotes is something which inspires and brings a spark, it also gives you a vibe.

“What you Think
You Become
What you Feel
You Attract
What you Imagine
You Create”
- Buddha

                        When you try to do something go with a flow don’t stop yourself. Sketchbook gives you an open book to think and create in a various way. when you regularly see something, you start to think towards it. That habit will make you feel stronger.


Menorah Calligraphy Paper

                        Calligraphy  is a visual art form of writing, which adds beauty to what you write, while you begin with calligraphy, it gives you attraction and the style of writing. Quotes with calligraphy will be the best option. Start to create your font style and use it as your signature style.



                        Doodle is a drawing while a person’s attention is otherwise is quietly found among children and now it has become famous and it is used vividly by adults, they start to sketch it out of boredom but now it has created a new passion carricature. Doodling and scribbling are similar which gives a charm to do more.


MENORAH’s  pad

                        Don’t feel bad about using your sketchbook for many things it has many purposes pick one or combine things if you are a person who cherishes memory you can use sketchbook to make collages of the photos which might help you to even remember the cute little detail.

                        Be crazy with your sketchbook don’t step back and think just go with a flow nothing wrong in anything, every step is a beauty to art, so just go with the flow.

                        I played with my sketchbook with many ideas, I saw it as my thought book because everything we think can be real as by the words of Pablo Picasso. Dream, imagine, let lose your ideas and create fun around you Menorah sketchbooks were really helpful for me as an artist.

                       As for you I would like to suggest Menorah 180 GSM sketchbook, it is a good one to begin with. You are free to choose your options. Use many paint mediums to start your sketchbooks this is a place to explore and cherish.

                       Sketch books can be used for various colorful things, don’t feel as though you need to use your sketchbook for solely artistic practice it has several activities to keep you busy. Don’t feel pressured to keep every page as a masterpiece, remember only mistakes can lead you a better path.

                         As I have mentioned before use it as a way of scattering ideas and thoughts scribble, sticks things in it, draw sketches. Sometimes the most spontaneous pages will leave you with the best ideas. Sometimes the best discoveries were happened by mistake so use your sketchbook as an opportunity to try new things. You might be surprised when you find yourself with new loving Passion. Grab your sketchbook to explore the new version of you.








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