If you are a beginner, let me explain about GSM and detailly explain and guide you through how 140 GSM goes well with the ideas which I’m going to demonstrate with the list, but before all that, let me tell

140 GSM

                          Beginners can explore in this GSM there are many ideas which might help you,


 Pencil Sketching:

                       It is a popular art form; it is a versatile and portable medium. Budding artists can begin with Pencil sketching. It is considered the essential step. To enter the art realm, you have to pass these gates, explore and invent your unique techniques and be creative. Persuading art is bliss to the soul; it brings peace to mind. Art talent can be rare, but those are the people we should collect like diamonds. The pencil sketching has few techniques which might help you; they are

o Hatching
o Stippling
o Scribbling
o Smooth shading

                        As a baby learns to crawl, walk and run for artists, these are the basic steps to become an artist. For some, it may differ, but I came through this path where I left my creativity run wild. So first, don’t hesitate. It is your domain to be wild and do crazy things only through the misleading path we know the value of real direction to our journey.


                       Every place is a studio. First, let your thoughts out to scribble and then make it to something beautiful. I have used many sketchbooks from various brands in 140 GSM. As a beginner, you need to know what you are working with. Every sketchbook differs.

                       Finally, I found my favorite brand, which worked well for my sketching, coloring and art mediums. First, the product should make you feel attached to the paper quality, and they even produce products according to the need of artists. So, if you search for a good sketchbook, then enter the art world to find what you need. I’m damn sure that you are going to love it. The brand which I’m talking about is Menorah stationery. For 140 GSM, I went with their CASSATA Sketchbook collections- Square Sketchbook, CASSATA SPIRAL BOUND SKETCHBPOOK which fit right in your bag to carry with your art supplies.

 Doodle:


                      Doodle is the beautiful work of art; many may find this crazy, but it is a relaxing habit you can see than scribbling, making them creative. So if you find yourself bored, start doodle to find a new path of your creativity. Menorah’s CASSATA 140 GSM  Sketchbook paper thickness allowed my doodle to pop beautifully. Try it out, and there are some other methods like Mandala, Zen tangle and even more.

                     Mandala art is mainly seen as a way to meditate to relax your mind and soul. Uniquely show yourself to express your mind.
Unique is the only word you will hear here repeatedly; art brings your uniqueness out though you do it intentionally or unintentionally. Art brings what is inside you. I Used Menorah Stationery CASSATA Square Sketchbook for my doodles and mandalas.

Acrylic and Gouache:

                       Yes, 140 GSM paper is suitable for this art medium too. You may think does the paper don’t wrinkle, the way you use the paint is all that matters. Use it to explore all your crazy ideas. Primarily it is used for dry media, but you can explore it with water that doesn’t bleed through the sheet.


                      Check out the CASSATA collection of Menorah; it was beneficial for my passion. I hope this does for you too. As an artist, you need to go through the paths which another person doesn’t take or follow their paths. I carved my way to enter the gates of the art realm, and I know you can too. Although you may have criticisms that might pull you down, keep this in mind clearly, you are here for a reason, and what you do is going to be correct.

                       Be wild and bring your crazy side out its your sketchbook, rule it with your thoughts, flow it with your ideas explore it when you can. Make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and never do it again. Life is your best teacher; every sketchbook you use is the collection of your inner thoughts.
Gouache goes well with acrylic.

                      As an artist, I will lead you to the directions that will be helpful, but you need to do your research before you enter your realm of arts. What paint mediums work with which paper thickness. You can use oil paints above acrylic but don’t do the opposite. It never works.

                       I hope this was helpful for you. Just go with your flow and find which is suitable for you. All the best and my hearty welcome to enter this path. Choose your sketchbook and go with it.











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