Painting Cloudy Sunset with Gouache

sunset painting image

                         Sunsets are nature’s painting in the sky. Each one is different but remarkably beautiful. It captivates its onlookers with promise and hope. A promise of a new beginning and a hope for good endings.

                          Cloudy sunsets are extra beautiful as they reflect the colours of the fading sun. Create perfect cloudy sunset painting images using your mixed media sketchbooks from Menorah. It is 180 GSM thick and perfect for Dry Media like Sakura Pen Art, Soft Pastels, Oil Pastel, Color Pencils etc. and Wet mediums like Acrylics, Gouache, Water Color paintings, Tempera, Poster color etc. Its acid free papers will keep your beautiful paintings intact.

                          Here are the steps to recreate the cloudy sunset painting by @adroitcolours.98

Materials required 

  1. Menorah mixed media sketchbook
  2. Gouache paints
  3. Flat brush
  4. Round brush
  5. Washi tape

Fiery sky

Before you begin to explore different sunset painting ideas, paste washi tape around your sketchbook for clear borders.

cloudy sunset diagram

                              Sunsets are enchanting because of their warm and vibrant tones. To replicate this, use your flat brush and paint a layer of saffron color gouache towards the lower end of your sketchbook.

Blue sky

mixed media sketchbook

                           Paint a few layers at the top of your mixed media sketchbook with navy-blue paint. Next, mix it with a little white and paint a few layers downwards till you reach the saffron base. You will get the gradient for the sky.


cloud sunset painting

                            Let’s make it bold and beautiful. To make the clouds appear distinct, use ultra-marine blue and draw the clouds with a round brush on your 180gsm paper.

                         Draw them in the saffron base and the light blue gradient base, to give a cloudy effect.


cloud sunset drawing

                      Highlighting makes your art come to life. It is usually done with the lighter tone of the color used to show where the light falls on the object.

                      Mix white with ultra-marine blue till you get a very light blue shade. Highlight the top edges of your clouds and watch it look more dimensional instantly.


cloudy sunset painting

                             As the light recedes, everything is pitched in darkness. Paint the bottom part of your sketchbook with a layer of black gouache. Draw some trees and a small crescent shaped moon for more detailing.

sunset gouache painting

 Take off your washi tape and behold the magical sunset gouache painting!


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