Easy Guide to Painting Indoor Plant with Watercolor

                       Seeing a green plant around is every garden lover’s happiness. To tend to them and connect with that part of nature is the purest form of harmony.  Watching it grow, each day holds a little surprise, a new leaf that has sprouted, a stem that has grown taller and so on. They are simple pleasures that cannot be bought, making you appreciate life a little bit more.

                      Growing a snake plant is particularly endearing. Looking lush green, with attractive patterns, they can brighten up any corner of your house instantly. Thriving on so little water yet giving so many benefits so generously, is one of the best things about the plant.  The best way to recreate this wonderful easy painting plant is by using water colors in Menorah’s watercolor Sketchpad. They are 300 GSM thick and made of 100% cotton. These watercolor papers let you achieve fine details and give a smooth flow while painting. They are ideal for watercolors, Acrylics, Gouache, Tempera and poster colors.

                         Here are the steps to recreate the Snake plant painting ideas by @huesbyshipra on Menorah sketchpad.

Materials required :

  • Menorah watercolor sketchpad
  • Water colors
  • Round brush

outline of the plant

                      Draw an outline of the indoor plant. The snake plant has sword shaped leaves with a broad base and a pointy tip.

                      Play around and twist the shape of a few leaves for a more realistic recreation.

first layer of the leaves

                         For the first layer of the plant painting watercolor, use pale yellow for the leaves.

                       Using a round brush will help you get a sharp and precise finish at the edges.

                   texture of the plant


                         Mix some water with olive green color and dilute it.Paint the next layer of the potted plant using this inside the leaf leaving out its border, so that the yellow shows through.

                       Adding on layers from light to dark will bring out the original color and the texture of the plant.

the leaves with a stroke of dark green too

                         Draw rows of small, vertical, zigzag lines with dark green color to get that snake like pattern. Finish your art work by painting the tips of the leaves with a stroke of dark green too.

Painting Indoor Plant with Watercolor

                       Your painting is here to add beauty to your sketchbook like the plant to your home. Keep painting and treasuring the beauty of the things around you with Menorah.



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