Travel Inspired Gouache Painting

Menorah Gouache Pad 240 GSM Paper

                                A road trip is the perfect dose of spontaneity and thrill that you need in your life. The journey itself can be quite an adventure, offering independence and a chance at making new memories.

                              When you hop on your favorite vehicle and set off into the horizon, everything starts to feel much better. The long roads, the beautiful scenery as you pass by, the sky that changes shades, music that you listen to every day and the food that you get when you make an impromptu stop. Your mind also takes a detour from everyday worries and focuses on the path ahead.

                                 The next time you decide to go on an adventure, don’t forget to take your art supplies with you. You can tear off a sheet of paper any time you feel like from the 240 GSM Gouache Pad from Menorah and start painting. The paper is thick with fine-toothed structure that gives a smooth surface for all your paintings. It works really well with Gouache, Acrylics, Fine Liners, Opaque Pens, Colour pencil drawing, Pen art, Charcoal, Graphite, Soft pastel and Oil pastels.

Give a physical form to the memories that you make on your trip with the Gouache pad and take it home with you.

Here is how you can recreate the Road trip painting done by @paintmywayy on Menorah Gouache Paper

Blue Sky :

Menorah Gouache paper

                  Let’s paint a blue- beautiful sky on our Gouache Painting Paper! Begin with a layer of royal blue gouache paint at the top of the gouache paper and add a layer of white paint below it. Merge these two colors further down till you get a gradient that looks like the sky.

Sunset :

Gouache painting Paper

                           Nothing beats a drive during the golden hour when the sky is brighter at the bottom where the sun sets and grows darker towards the top! To recapture this, start with a layer of yellow gouache paint.

Gouache paper 240 GSM

                              For the reverse gradient, paint a layer of white above the yellow and merge the colors upwards.


                                As the sun dips below the horizon, everything around is cast in a black shadow. Recreate small details like trees, plants and mountains with black gouache paint.

Gouache shadow technique


                                    Paint the long road ahead with a layer of black gouache in the middle of the paper. Once it dries a little, highlight with grey on your Gouache Paper Pad to make it realistic.

 Clouds :

                                      To draw some dark clouds hovering over the sky, make an outline with royal blue paint. Add some texture to your clouds by merging layers of the blue, black and grey paint till you achieve the perfect shade.

 Details :

Menorah Gouache paper pad

                        Draw the divisions on the road with white paint. You can draw small cars, disappearing headlights and anything else you would like to get that perfect image of a road trip.

Best paper For Gouache paints


                           Unmask your washi tape and you have a lovely painting before you that holds innumerable memories! Menorah has the Best Paper for Gouache paints. Make it a part of your next trip because every journey deserves to be documented.

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